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https://thevoip.co Cost effective VoIP phones for your office

  • Number Management
    For your NumberAdmin numbers to work, they generally need to be routed to a physical telephone. This can be a landline, mobile, or even an international number. You can also route them using our Voicemail or Fax-2-email features if you have them enabled. The number management page allows you to change where your number routes to in real time. If you have the route plans, day parting or other facilities enabled, you can also allocate your numbers to them here after configuring them on the relevant pages.
  • Route Plans
    Route plans allow you to specify a sequence of numbers to route to. For example, you may want your calls to ring on your landline first, but then divert to your mobile if you don't answer. Use the route plans page to configure these, then allocate them to your numbers in the number management page.
  • Day Parting
    Day parting is a powerful facility which allows you to route numbers based on the time of day and day of week. The day parting page allows you to configure these using a drag-and-drop interface. Once you have set them up, allocate them to your numbers in the number management page.
  • Voicemail
    Our Voicemail facility allows you to receive recorded messages by routing your number to a mailbox instead of your phone. Mailboxes can be set up using the Voicemail page, and then divert your numers to them as required. This is particularly powerful when used in conjunction with route plans and/or day parting.
  • Costs
    Routing to a mobile or international number will incurr additional costs to you to receive the calls, though the cost to your callers will remain the same.
    The route plan, day parting, voicemail and fax-2-email facilities need to be enabled for you before you can route calls using them.
    Please see our main site for full details of our pricing and how to order new numbers and management facilities.